What are the categories of paper processing machinery?

Paper is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. As early as 105 A.D., Cai Lun summed up the experience of papermaking with hemp papermaking machine, toilet paper, mechanical fiber, improved papermaking technology, using bark, hemp head, rags, old fishing nets and other raw materials for papermaking. Papermaking was later introduced into Europe. In the early 18th century, Dutch beating machine appeared, which changed the process of beating into pulp, which is an important step towards mechanization of paper-making process. In 1798, French Robert obtained the patent of hand-operated endless web paper-making machine, which was later funded by Neil brothers in renfordshire, England. In 1803, Tang Jin, a British technologist, improved the long web paper-making machine which can continuously form paper, and successfully made paper in 1805 In 1809, Dickinson, an Englishman, succeeded in trial production of a round web paper machine.
In the aspect of material preparation and pulping, Pete in Germany began to use a cooking pot to cook the old cotton cloth pulping in 1839; in 1843, Keller in Germany invented the wood grinding method to peel off the wood fiber, and it was successfully improved by Friedel in ten years; in 1851, Burgess in England and watt in the United States invented the soda wood pulping; in 1857, Tillman in the United States invented the sulfite wood pulping technology In 1884, German chemist Dahl invented Kraft wood pulping technology. These inventions opened up the way of using wood as the main raw material of papermaking. By the early 20th century, papermaking machinery had become a large and high-yield industrial machinery.



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