Form and adjustment plan of paper industry

The development focus of the world paper industry continues to shift to emerging economies. The developed countries and regions of papermaking industry have entered a period of steady development. Under the pull of rapid economic development, the paper industry in developing countries and regions is growing rapidly. China, India, Brazil, Russia and other emerging economies are becoming the main force for the growth of the world's paper industry. China's paper and cardboard production has ranked the first in the world, but there is still much room for development in structural adjustment, technological upgrading, emission reduction and consumption reduction. In the future, the competition of resource, market and talents in papermaking industry will be more intense.

The paper industry must change its development mode. Resource, energy and environment constraints are increasing. It is urgent to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure. We should improve the structure of raw materials, increase domestic supply, enhance innovation capacity, improve technical level, optimize industrial layout, allocate resources reasonably, promote cleaner production, protect ecological environment, optimize enterprise structure, promote merger and reorganization, adjust product structure, improve product quality, establish a saving model, and advocate rational consumption.
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